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3M Hookit Marine Rigid Fairing Board II

A lightweight tool for fairing, shaping, sanding and finishing boat plugs and molds. It is rigi ... More

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3M Detailing Squeeze Bottle

Ketchup style squeeze bottle. Includes spout top. Use for dispensing compounds, glazes, polishe ... More

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Scotch-Brite Cut and Polish Flap Brush

Flaps of strong, durable cut and polish web on a 1/4 inch shank for portable tools. Excellent f ... More

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3M Superbuff Adaptor

Adaptor for the 3M™ Superbuff™ Buffing Pads ... More

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3M NTN Maintenance and Repair Kit

Components: (1) 60-9801-0501-3 TN Disc Pad 4-1/2 in, (1) 61-5002-9261-2 TN Quick Change LGB dis ... More

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3M Wetordry Rubber Squeegee

Made of flexible rubber. It is used for removing slush created when sanding or for applying gla ... More

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Scotch-Brite Clean and Finishing Disc

Flexible web for finishing, blending, and polishing. Conformability allows access to hard-to-re ... More

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3M Solvent Spray Trigger Nozzle Head

Excellent for 3M solvent-based products. Long lasting, adjustable sprayer. Blue and silver in c ... More

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