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Rule 1000 GPH Bilge Pump

The Rule 1000 is in a class by itself and is a popular choice among boatbuilders and boat owner ... More

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Rule 1100 GPH Bilge Pump

The Rule 1100 offers impressive pumping power for its size and cost. Competitive models in this ... More

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Rule 1500 GPH Bilge Pump

High pumping capacity and reliability at a lower cost. The Rule 1500 offers more pumping capaci ... More

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Rule 2000 GPH Bilge Pump

Engineered to commercial standards. The Rule 2000 is the best selling high capacity submer ... More

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Rule 3700 GPH Bilge Pump

Heavy duty construction for both commercial and pleasure boat use; known for trouble free opera ... More

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Rule 500 GPH Bilge Pumps

The Rule 500 offers many design features while keeping size and cost to a minimum. Especially p ... More

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Rule 750 GPH Bilge Pump

Rule's 700 and 750 GPH pumps offer increased capacity in keeping with its 3/4" discharge o ... More

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Rule 800 GPH Bilge Pump

Rule offers two 800 GPH styles: square and round versions. The sqare model offers 36 mounting v ... More

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