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Electrical - BusBars

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Blue Sea 150AMP Common BusBars

Insert molded stainless steel stud eliminates need for securing nut and allows high torquing fo ... More

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Blue Sea 100AMP Common BusBars

Combines negative and positive buses on one block. ... More

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Blue Sea 150 AMP Plus Common BusBar

Secure, clear polycarbonate cover snaps on easily to meet USCG and ABYC insulation requirements ... More

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Blue Sea MiniBus 100 Amp Common BusBar

Provides convenient busing for limited space applications. Snap on insulating cover attaches to ... More

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Blue Sea PowerBar 600 Amp Common BusBar

Highest ampere rated busbar with 3/8" terminal studs. Made of tin-plated copper and reinfo ... More

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Blue Sea 30 Amp Terminal Blocks

Closed back design completely insulates power from the mounting surface. Jumpers allow creation ... More

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