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Safety - Emergency Lights

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ACR Auto HemiLight with Sensor

When you put on a life jacket - put on the ACR Auto HemiLight with Sensor. This survival l ... More

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ACR SM-2 Automatic Crew-Overboard Marker Light

In case of an emergency, you need one thing you don't have to worry about: your crew overboard ... More

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ACR C-Light Life Preserver Emergency Signal

The ACR C-Light™ Life Preserver Emergency Signal is important for any time you need ... More

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ACR C-Strobe Emergency Signaling Strobe

The ACR C-Strobe™ Emergency Signaling Strobe is a lightweight, reliable strobe light ... More

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ACR FireFly3 Rescue Strobe Light

This state of the art ACR FireFly3® Rescue Strobe Light has not only a high intensity flash ... More

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ACR Remote Controlled Searchlight

The ACR Remote Controlled Searchlight has a dual lamp design which provides redundancy and ... More

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Jim-Buoy Automatic Strobe Light

Jim Bouy Man overboard light comes with mounting rack. When the light is thrown overboard the l ... More

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