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Awlgrip Awlfair LW Standard Cure Converter

Awlgrip Awlfair LW Standard Cure Converter is a premium Trowelable product for fairing, leveling or smoothing surface imperfections due to gouges, pitting, dents or weld seams. Awlgrip Awlfair LW Standard Cure Converterformulation brings you the latest technology with super smooth finish and easy sanding. May be used above or below the waterline.

*Ships Hazmat. An additional fee may apply*

Starting At: $31.91

Additional Information

Type:  Two Component Epoxy 
Color: White base, red converter. Pink – after mixing components
Theoretical Coverage:  Sq. Feet/Gallon:  1,463 Sq. Feet (136m2) at one mil dry (25 microns) DFT.
5.9 Sq. Feet (0.54m2); 1⁄4 inch; 250 mils (6,350 microns) DFT. Coverage calculations are based on theoretical transfer efficiency of 100%. Actual coverage rate obtained will vary according to equipment choice, application techniques, part size, and application environment.
Recommended Wet Film Thickness: 250 mils (6350 microns) per coat. Maximum 400 mils (1cm) per coat
Cure Time at 75°F/25°C/50% R.H: 7 hours resistance to foot/tread; 7 days full cure
Recoatability:  AWLFAIR L.W. must be sanded before recoating with itself or other Awlgrip Product. It must be overcoated with an epoxy primer such as HIGH BUILD, EPOXY SPRAYABLE FAIRING COMPOUND, HULLGARD, ULTRABUILD before applying the finishing system.
AWLFAIR LW is sandable after 17 hrs at 55°F/13°C, 6 hrs at 77°F/25°C and 90 mins at 95°F/35°C
Shore D hardness development after 7 days: >60 at 77°F/25°C
VOC:   White Base (D8200) – 0 g/lt or 0 lbs/gallon
 Fast Converter (D7222) – 185 g/lt or 1.54 lbs/gallon
 Mixed (1:1 by volume) – 93 g/lt or 0.77 lbs/gallon

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