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Interlux InterProtect 2000E

InterProtect 2000E is a two-part epoxy primer designed to reduce the potential of water absorption by fiberglass hulls. InterProtect is unique among epoxies because it has Micro-Plates, a protective barrier within its film to slow down water permeation.
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Additional Information

  • Two-part epoxy water barrier with Micro-Plates
  • Up to two weeks is allowed between coats of InterProtect 2000E
  • Now available in two colors, Gray and White
  • Fast drying, easy application
  • Sag resistance to insure the elimination of sags and runs during application
  Application Details - Interprotect 2000E                
 Area  Below water
 Finish/Sheen  Matte
 Converter/Curing  Y2001E
 Number of Coats:  As required to reach 10 mils DFT
 Method of application:  Brush / Roller / Airless Spray / Conventional Spray
 Pack sizes:  1 US Quart / , / 1 US Gallon
 Suitable for high speed boats?  YES

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