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Interlux InterProtect 3000/3001

A unique, high solids, two-part epoxy coating, developed to protect old and new fiberglass hulls from water absorption, which can lead to hull blistering.
Starting At: $32.27

Additional Information

  • Contains Micro-Plates for extra protection
  • Can be applied at temperatures down to 32°F (0°C)
  • Anticorrosive substrate primer for metals
  • Interprotect 3000/3001was developed for spray application but can be brushed and rolled

 Area  Below water line
 Finish/Sheen  Matte
 Converter/Curing  Y3001
 Number of Coats:  As required to reach 10 mils DFT
 Method of application:  Brush / Roller / Airless Spray / Conventional Spray
 Pack sizes:  1 US Quart / 1 US Gallon / -

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